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Matilda Is My Inspiration
Clutching my husband Miles’ hand, I listened to the doctor as he told us that our three-week-old daughter, Matilda, had severe hearing loss. ‘She’ll need hearing aids,’ the doctor said, before he began measuring her ears. I was in a state of shock a
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Tips For The Right Foundation
Don’t test on a hand. For a flawless match, foundation needs to blend seamlessly with your face and neck. Swipe a tester along your jawbone to see if it ticks boxes for both. It pays to trial a foundation in natural light. Leave on for at least 10
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Health U-turn
Eamonn Holmes has revealed that, despite thinking he was learning to manage his chronic pain, things have got worse. The 61-year-old recently shared that he’s been suffering since dislocating his pelvis, and said, ‘I’m here, laid up with my three dis