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ccording to the Mental Health Foundation, a staggering 49% of us have felt anxious or worried in the past fortnight, with women more likely to be suffering than men. No surprise, really, with the way 2020 played out. “Stress is a coping mechanism. That surge of cortisol powers up your heart and lungs. It is natural and a normal part of life, but it becomes a problem if that response mechanism is triggered regularly or for long periods of time,” says Dr Anna Persaud, CEO of This Works. A positive knock-on effect to the spike in stress is beauty brands are starting to think like wellness brands, with internal results proving as essential as external. “You need self-belief that you can cope and build resilience through practical solutions.” Step up the new and highly-anticipated This Works Stress Check Mood Manager, £15 (1), which contains ylang ylang essential oil that has been shown in brain activity studies to help relieve stress. Naturally, these mood strains and swings are becoming visible on our faces, and we are now not only looking to de-stress our minds and bodies, but also our faces. How? Injectables, used to create a look of total calm, as seen first-hand by Dr Jana Vogt at Mallucci London. “Through the use of expertly-placed needles and small doses, you can create a

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Marysia’s Brooklyn
Every time I go into Paula Rubenstein there’s something special. Brooklyn has pockets of great stores on Atlantic Avenue and in Bed-Stuy, where you’ll find Savant Studios. There’s a cute little Japanese bar right behind me called Karasu, you reach it
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Christine Quinn
Christine Quinn is the runaway star of Netflix series Selling Sunset. The show follows a gaggle of ultra-glamorous female agents at The Oppenheim Group, which sells luxurious properties to some of LA’s most affluent residents. “I was friends with Bre
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Style Staples
A trouser suit is the perfect year-round investment and can be styled for all occasions. While sharper tailoring lends itself to workwear, looser styles are great for off-duty days. Seen everywhere from Bottega Veneta to Ulla Johnson, the sweater d