Liz Earle Wellbeing

Oh, the places you’ll go!


Is there anything more relaxing than ribbons of white sand bordering on crystal clear waters? The Seychelles is truly blessed when it comes to setting. When things get busy here at home, there’s nowhere I dream about more than the turquoise hue of these islands off the coast of East Africa. Being shaded by a palm tree with a book or even a drink would be pure joy.

Being one of the world’s best ecological sanctuaries, it’s hard to imagine a better respite from everyday life. As a naval daughter, I find nothing as calming as a walk by the sea, so island getaways are as restorative as they come for me. It doesn’t hurt that the Seychelles supposedly have some of the best spas in the world either!

It wouldn’t all be rest and relaxation though, as tempting as that might be, as I’d love to take on the hiking trails that sprawl through the national parks across the islands. The Seychelles are truly a paradise and I’m dreaming of going once we’re able.

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The rare giant tortoises.

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