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Welcome to an exciting new decade, when businesses see change as both a challenge and an opportunity for positive action. We face change on a scale unseen in most lifetimes as the world, urgently and determinedly, rises to meet environmental and economic challenges.

Opportunities will arise when the UK becomes an independent nation on January 1, eager to make productive trade deals around the world. With such freedom comes challenging new limits and regulations, which we must learn to live with if we are to grow our businesses.

Motorsport is relatively secure, having taken

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Racecar Engineering8 min lettiPhysics
Bar Talk
TECHNOLOGY – SLIP ANGLE In previous OptimumG articles, we have discussed how to define springs and dampers. We then took a little detour to talk about ‘magic numbers’, especially anti-roll stiffness distribution, a necessary step in determining fron
Racecar Engineering11 min letti
At All Cost
Gianni Lancia must have followed the 1956 Formula 1 World Championship with a certain level of bemusement. His rivals of old, Scuderia Ferrari, won five of the seven grands prix in which the team competed, and Ferrari driver, Juan Manuel Fangio, was
Racecar Engineering6 min lettiAutomotive
Bump And Grind
One of the great myths that perpetuate racecar engineering is the role bump steer plays. Like its close cousin, roll centre, and anti-dive and anti-squat, if you want to see the sparks fly walk into a bar and full of race engineers and say bump steer