Moths and butterflies are part of the order Lepidoptera, meaning “scaly wings.” The pigments of these overlapping scales can make

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Muse Mail
I’m a normal kid, not some weird god of an HBP planet. I have been getting Muse for years! I miss Kokopelli, but the new Muses are pretty good. Whatsi is my favorite—I think it would be AWESOME to have bionic limbs! I LOVE Star Wars! I know all sorts
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Comic Book Creations
One rocketed to Earth from a distant planet*. Another encountered a radioactive arachnid**. Every superhero has an origin story. Yet the true account of how these heroes came to be is even more amazing. Because these fictional characters were inspire
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E. Paul Zehr
In the Marvel comics and movies, a sickly army recruit named Steve Rogers becomes Captain America after receiving an injection of “super soldier” serum and being irradiated with Vita-Rays. Such a transformation may not yet be possible in real life, b