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Ladybug1 min letti
Tracks In The Snow
I saw paw prints in the snow. Where, I wondered, did they go? The paw prints stopped at the old oak tree. Up high, a gray squirrel scolded me!
Ladybug1 min letti
Little Puppy And The Shadow
One day, Little Puppy saw a shadow on the ground. She sniffed it. She pawed it. She growled at it. She barked at it. She even tried to cover it with sand. Little Puppy tried to chase the shadow . . . and run away from it. Just then, the s
Ladybug1 min letti
A Mole In A Hole
Where can a mole be most frequently found? Alone in his home in a hole in the ground: Snuggled up, delicate, furry, and round, Making no trouble and making no sound. He's not very heavy, weighs less than a pound. A mole is at home in a hole in the gr