The Big Sleep

In a wintry forest, snow lies thick on the ground. The trees are bare. There’s little to eat. But under the snow, a tiny dormouse is curled up in a ball in its nest. Its fluffy tail is wrapped around its body like a blanket. If you peek in, it won’t run away. It won’t even move. And it will stay that way until spring.

The Long Winter Nap

When cold weather comes

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Night Lights
Having an internal clock that sets itself by the sun is great—but what happens when someone invents electric lights? Sometimes, bright light at night can fool the internal clock into thinking it’s day. This can make it harder for people to fall aslee
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My Bad Dream Week
OK, I should not have watched Blood-Sucking Vampire Eels from Space right before bed. I just woke everyone up screaming, convinced that giant fanged space eels were crawling up all over my bed. Since my brother’s up anyway, I made him check under th
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Will Soda Keep Me Up All Night?
You might have heard grown-ups say that you shouldn’t drink some kinds of soda or tea at night because they have caffeine. What is that, and what does it have to do with anything? Caffeine is a natural chemical found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and so