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Black gold

THE START OF A NEW YEAR generally means austere regimens of meagre repasts and masochistic workouts, but really, who among us has the appetite for selfsacrifice this time round? Rather than firing up the NutriBullet, why not focus instead on getting your garden’s soil into shape? The secret to that, of course, is the compost heap.

Composting sorts the serious gardeners from the put-’em-in, whip-’em-out dilettantes who rely on fresh specimens from the garden centre each season. Rather like sourdough,

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The Critic Magazine3 min lettiPolitics
It’s All A Conspiracy
THERE IS A GREAT RESET. It has a website with a video introduction by HRH The Prince of Wales. Sponsored by the World Economic Forum, it’s the Davos view on how the world might grow sustainably after the recession wrought by Covid. It is as worthy, d
The Critic Magazine6 min letti
Balancing The Books
RICHARD OVENDEN, librarian of the Bodleian in Oxford, recently published an impassioned account of the importance of collections of the written word. In Burning the Books (John Murray, £20), he examines the way in which libraries have been pillaged t
The Critic Magazine13 min lettiAmerican Government
The Triumph Of The Trump Doctrine
IN THE US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SEASON of 2016, Peter Navarro, a key international adviser to candidate Donald Trump, set out what a Trump Doctrine would look like in foreign affairs. “Peace through economic and military strength,” would be the polic