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Eating chilli peppers may help us to live longer

ake mine a vindaloo! People who regularly chow down on chilli peppers may live for longer and have a significantly reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer, research from Cleveland

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Little Wonder
Tiny dimensions aren’t the only impressive feature of CubeSats. They typically orbit at an altitude of 400-650km (250-400 miles), and they can travel at speeds of up to 8km/s (almost 18,000mph), allowing them to circle Earth in approximately 90 minut
BBC Science Focus Magazine2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Ancient Megaflood Hints At Possibility Of Life On Mars
If you were to travel back in time four billion years and headed to the surface of Mars, chances are you’d be greeted with scenes of flooding of biblical proportions, and maybe even some form of life. According to data collected by NASA’s Curiosity r
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Haunted House Visitors Monitored
Researchers from Denmark fitted 110 volunteers with heart-rate monitors and filmed them on CCTV as they went around a multi-room ‘live-action horror experience’ in which they experienced a range of scare tactics, including being charged at by zombies