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Pickle party!

is made from cooked or concentrated grape must (freshly crushed fruit juice that includes skins, seeds and stems of the fruit) blended

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The New Sourdough
The latest lockdown trend? Home-made pasta might sound intimidating, but it’s actually a two-ingredient recipe that can be made with ingredients most of us have at home. PHOTOGRAPH JAN RAS PRODUCTION BIANCA STRYDOMFOOD ASSISTANT IRINJA BEKKER ■
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Storm Rodger
I really like turmeric. It’s very grounding. When you boil it with ginger, cardamom, vanilla and cinnamon, it’s the most insanely beautiful sweet, earthy smell. We all want soya sauce in our life, but if you can’t handle soya, coconut liquid aminos
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From Facebook
“My mum used to make me leftover roast lamb/chicken/roast beef and salad sandwiches. She would not allow Vegemite or peanut butter in the house. I was always swapping my lunches.” – Connie Miles “My mom Elna Coetzer made the BEST lunchboxes. Still c