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he seeds of this groundnut are boiled and eaten as a. Try them in bobotie, chilli con carne, hummus or a veggie curry.

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Dinner PLANS
Yes, this baked-feta dish was inspired by that TikTok video that went viral in Febuary (Finland ran out of feta. Seriaas!) But we put our own spin on it with this butter-roasted balsamic-and-tomato version. Add the caper brine to the tomatoes for ext
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Happy Hunting!
Catch our fearless editor Kate on TASTETube this month as she breaks out the biscuit decorating kit to use with her daughter, Holly, when they get “back in the kitchen”. Will their efforts look as good as the ones above? That remains to be seen, but
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“IN SOWETO DURING THE DARK TIMES, when money was low, cabbage was always there. Our grandmothers would boil it for hours until it was soft. On special occasions they might add carrots and some potatoes – similar to bubble and squeak – to give it a bi