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“We need to talk about England. What kind of nation will it be?”

’ve put this one off, I’ll be historians see this moment? Too early to tell, you will rightly say, but historians taking the long view are already telling us that Brexit was the product not only of the divisions of the last 10 years or so, but was rooted in Britain’s 20th-century experience of empire: the biggest fact in the last 300 years of British history.

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Emily Hobhouse 1860-1926
Emily Hobhouse was a welfare campaigner, feminist and pacifist best known for exposing the terrible conditions in the concentration camps in which Boer civilians were incarcerated by the British during the Second Boer War. Born in Cornwall but grante
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The Man Who Would Be King
On 25 July 1386, three young men disembarked from a Portuguese galley at the port of Corunna. Landing on the northwest Spanish coast were Ralph Bulmere, just old enough to receive his inheritance at home; Baldwin Saint George from Cambridgeshire; and
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Authors On The Podcast
“At the heart of this case is Lvdia Harvey – a young woman who wanted more, and took a great risk to try to find it. She dreamed of travelling, and possibly even a life on the stage. She was really stepping outside those boundaries that her social cl