There are a nearly infinite number of opinions on what makes the best weapon for the worst-case scenario. While it could be argued that the AR is one of the most common weapons owned by citizens in the United States, the AK platform has a not-unsubstantial following as well. At the end of the day, everyone wants a rifle that’s easy to manipulate, maintain, and use effectively. All of these points are intrinsic to the AK platform. While there are some things left to be desired by the Soviet Union’s greatest export, the Kalashnikov is a proven platform that has seen combat the world over. It’s simple, reliable, and easy to maintain. The controls are very easy to use. It can be stripped down and reassembled in a flash, and it’s accurate enough to hit a man-size target reliably out to 300 yards while not being excessively large or heavy.

Not All AKs Are Equal

What the AK isn’t is refined. This isn’t a state-of-the-art weapon manufactured from aerospace precision machining with a match barrel and competition trigger. It can feel like the Tonka truck of rifles with its sharp edges, cold steel, and dark finish. But those Tonka trucks

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Protecting Yourself On Paper
BANG, CRASH, BOOM! You live in a gated community in, let’s say, St. Louis, Missouri. You’re outside enjoying a Sunday family barbecue in the late afternoon, early evening. The crash is followed by a chant of sorts: “No justice, no peace!” This mantra
AmTac Shooting AK Course
“The AK is so prolific throughout our world,” said Bill Rapier. “After many years, most of you are proficient with your AR. Why not spend a day with a different platform, to train at the highest level, to break your own misconceptions?” Rapier, owner
Evolution Of The Combat Optic
Over the course of 26-plus years of service, I’ve witnessed a lot of changes to the main sighting system of the issued long-gun. The rifle has been the primary weapon for the military since the Pennsylvania Rifle (some say Kentucky, but I was born an