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New year, fresh start? Let’s hope so. None of us could have imagined how 2020 would turn out, but it’s time to put the past behind us and move forward with our fitness goals. Or maybe 2020 wasn’t so bad for you after all. Maybe you discovered the convenience of home exercise and started running or cycling while the gym was closed and improved your fitness. Or maybe you put on a few pounds during the two lockdowns. Whether your goal is to lose weight or get fitter, you can achieve your aims with our fitness plans. Personal trainer and wellness coach Jeff Archer, founder of wellbeing company The Tonic, has compiled some plans and tips to help you make real progress with your fitness goals.

If you want to lose weight...

Plan your approach and stay focused. Think of the 30 days to kickstart results that you can build on throughout the year. Stick with the schedule, give it your all knowing that you can review positively at the end of the month having learned just what you’re capable of achieving when you try.


• Don’t make the scales the main focus of your attention. Track your progress with how you look in the mirror, as well as with clothes that you like and want to fit into.

• The quality of your workouts is more important than the quantity. If you feel tired and sense that you won’t be able to give an exercise session your full focus, then it’s better to rest and come back with enthusiasm tomorrow than to force your way through a workout.

• Spend time each day visualising success. Focus on what you want. Create strong mental pictures of your desired future self, not the self you want to avoid from the past.

• Everyone is

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