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you ride longer and further on steeper terrain than you could with a regular mountain bike. But what if you want to venture even deeper into the backcountry than a bit of motor assistance and a spare battery in

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This has been the strangest and toughest Bike of the Year test we’ve ever put together. Our biggest issue was getting hold of bikes. The surge in cycling over the past year, coupled with delays brought about by the global pandemic and Brexit, meant i
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£3,319 Steep and fast or tight and twisty, Pace’s hardtail does it all There aren’t many brands with a history in mountain biking that runs as deep as Pace’s. After making waves with the RC100 hardtail back in 1987, the pioneering Yorkshire company’
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HOW TO True A Buckled Wheel
1 Put the wheel in a truing stand. If you don’t have one (as here), you can leave the wheel in the frame and use zipties as reference markers to see whether the rim is central. Attach one ziptie to each seatstay and cut them so that they’re close to