Spirit of Dragonfly

CREATE A BEAUTIFUL PAIR of dragonfly earrings using two-needle appliqué flat beadwork techniques that find their roots within Indigenous beading traditions. This project provides the opportunity to create your own pair of dragonfly earrings done in the powwow style of beadwork.


Two-needle applique flat beadwork Brick stitch



3 g white pearl AB size 15° Japanese seed beads (A)

1 g 24k gold-plated size 15° Japanese seed beads (B)

2 g Tiffany blue size 15° Japanese seed beads (C)

8 g green AB transparent size 11° true-cut Czech seed beads (D)

2 g matte Vermillion opaque size 11° Japanese seed beads (E)

10 g dark red transparent size 11° Czech seed beads (F)

4 g white pearl AB size 11° Japanese seed beads (G)

2 azuro×

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