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A cross between ice hockey and field hockey, bandy is played on an ice rink with a curved stick and small ball. It also has influences from football – teams are 11-a-side and the game is made up of two 45-minute halves. For many years, the only countries that participated in the World Championships were Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia, but since 2014 at least 16 nations have been involved.



If you’re vegetarian or the

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Workout Wisdom
Often people don’t feel happy with their progress, because they have no idea where they want to get to. As soon as you materialise in your mind how you want to look or what numbers you want to hit, and set a timeline for hitting those goals, you crea
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Editor’s Letter
As we wave good riddance to a devastating year and attempt to expunge the word ‘unprecedented’ from the human vocabulary, take a moment to consider the wise words of 90s pop rock powerhouse D:Ream: things can only get better. If 2020 dealt a blow to
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HACK, TRACK AND BURN Cutting-edge Tech To Unleash A Leaner You
£2,295 or £59 per month, Having transformed the spin-bike experience, Peloton Tread now wants to rehab the reputation of the ‘dreadmill’. The equipment is different, but the concept is the same: a piece of high-quality cardio equipment