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Artificially sweetened drinks may not be the healthy alternative they’re often claimed to be. Although they may help reduce calorie intake compared to sugary drinks, evidence suggests they still increase risk of cardiovascular disease. In a large ten-year cohort of over 100,000 people, sweetener-laden drinks led to significantly higher risk of heart disease and stroke.1


Ginger is a flowering plant that originates 

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Australian Men's Fitness4 min letti
Balancing Act
The gym might be your first port of call after Christmas indulgences, but before you WOD away your roast-potato paunch, consider first taking the time to correct your form and balance out any instabilities. Future you – stronger and more stable as a
Australian Men's Fitness3 min letti
Odd Ones Out
A cross between ice hockey and field hockey, bandy is played on an ice rink with a curved stick and small ball. It also has influences from football – teams are 11-a-side and the game is made up of two 45-minute halves. For many years, the only count
Australian Men's Fitness5 min letti
Get A Grip
If you’re looking for a whole-body, functional workout that gets your adrenaline pumping and gives you physical challenges to solve, indoor climbing is as good as it gets. Whether you prefer bouldering on low-rise problems, or roping up and scaling 1