More Than Ever, Tri Clubs Matter

Triathlon may be an individual sport, but it’s certainly not a solitary one. Clubs and teams are the beating heart of triathlon, forming a community of friendships forged in freezing open-water swims and sweltering trail runs. When COVID-19 restrictions put a halt to Masters workouts and adventures with training buddies, what did that mean for triathlon clubs? What would happen when clubs couldn’t gather for group rides and post-race pancake breakfasts?

THE ANSWER: They adapted, because that’s what triathletes do.

When they couldn’t have a group ride, they took their watts and smack talk to Zwift. When large, in-person gatherings were banned, meetings and seminars seamlessly migrated to Zoom. When races were canceled, clubs and teams turned their time and energy to something bigger than sport. In a time when it would be easy to hit the pause button and resume activities when—as we keep saying with a broad, vague gesture—“all of this is over,” many clubs instead ramped up their efforts to serve their members when they needed it most and to bring in new ones. The heart of triathlon hasn’t stopped. In fact, it’s beating stronger than ever.


3P Tri Team

Los Angeles, CA |

When Kristoffer Crisostomo, Brian Masayon,

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