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$36 for 32 sticks

DripDrop ORS (Oral Rehydration Solutions) isn’t your typical sports nutrition product. This electrolyte powder was first designed by a doctor on a relief mission treating life-threatening cases of dehydration. Now it’s available for athletes, too. With a high electrolyte

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Triathlete7 min letti
More Than Ever, Tri Clubs Matter
Triathlon may be an individual sport, but it’s certainly not a solitary one. Clubs and teams are the beating heart of triathlon, forming a community of friendships forged in freezing open-water swims and sweltering trail runs. When COVID-19 restricti
Triathlete2 min letti
Diary Of A Traveling Triathlete
Last year, I decided to race Ironman Ireland only three weeks before the event and had an impossible time finding accommodations. I eventually settled on the last thing available—a farm cottage seemingly custom-made for someone 5 feet tall. Being 6 f
Triathlete1 min lettiComputers
Tech ‘Mechanicals’
Racing in a virtual space has its tech downsides—as many of us have learned the hard way. James Cunnama’s wi-fi in South Africa went out during a Zwift race; Tim O’Donnell infamously disconnected Mirinda Carfrae’s trainer accidentally during an Ironm