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Engineless cruising

Sailing without an engine is not unusual. After all it takes place almost every weekend during the summer months at sailing clubs throughout the rivers and creeks of the East Coast. And at a guess, by thousands of very skilled sailors who will likely be able to turn a boat on a sixpence. However, there are generally a set of operating procedures in place and rescue boats standing by in case of emergency.

Now, to take a small dinghy or yacht away from this environment, to go cruising around the estuary, is another matter. Things change dramatically for the cruising sailor who sets off

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Hallberg-Rassy Rasmus 35
Price: £25,000-£33,000 When the first two all-mahogany boats were built in the mid 1960s, no one would have predicted this sturdy long keel 35-footer would became the blueprint for success of what would become one of Europe’s best known boatbuilders.
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Types Of Fouling
WEED Although it looks the worst when hanging from your hull, weed is actually the easiest fouling to tackle with antifouling biocides. If it does take hold its grip is usually fairly weak, such that fast sailing or at most a basic scrub will remove
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A Fresh Start
Sam Llewellyn writes nautical thrillers and edits The Marine Quarterly. He is currently patching up a 30ft ketch It has been a weird old winter, but spring may be less weird, and we may even be allowed to go to sea again. Where, though, is the questi