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New Year, New Brew

It’s a long way, as the saying goes, for the foods we eat to travel from farm to table. In the case of coffee, the trek can be many miles longer from origin to mug – it may journey on a confounding adventure across continents and borders, from family-owned farms to wholesale cooperatives and direct importers, and eventually to small roasters, retailers and your kitchen.

Given how readily coffee lands in pretty packages at local cafes and on grocery shelves, its everyday accessibility is a testament to the network surrounding one of the world’s most important agricultural commodities. The fact that it even reaches our mugs and espresso cups so affordably and abundantly is a delicious wonder.

“It’s not just a commodity… a cup of coffee is really the result of a lot of hard work.”

“It’s really important to understand that coffee is not just a liquid in a cup,” says Brandon Bir, director of sustainability for Crimson Cup, an Ohio-based roaster with several cafes

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