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Shelby Houlihan and Karissa Schweizer

ometimes when Shelby Houlihan and Karissa Schweizer go out for an easy run together, it turns into a tempo run by accident. They talk about American records they want to set and Olympic medals they want to win. Before they even realize

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Women's Running1 min letti
Daily Diaphragmatic Breathing Practice
5-10 minutes • Lie on your back, either on a bed, the floor, or the ground. • Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground. • Place one hand on your belly, below your ribs, and another on your chest near your heart. • Breathe normally for a
Women's Running1 min lettiDiet & Nutrition
Clean Fueling
If you struggle with GI issues after using sports nutrition products, investigate the ingredients. The culprit could be maltodextrin, a white powder derived from starchy foods such as corn, potato, wheat, tapioca, or rice. It’s often used in sports n
Women's Running1 min letti
The Thrill Of The Chase
Courtney Dauwalter runs through the night during her fastest known time attempt on the Colorado Trail, a 567-mile single-track through the mountains. For such big mileage, mental stamina is as important as physical stamina. On Instagram, Dauwalter re