Let’s face it. The popularity of overlanding has exploded in recent years—even more so during the current global pandemic. People are itching to travel and escape. For those who want to avoid airlines and crowds, they may look to the open road to find their solace. With many travel regulations in place, the best solution is simply to get in a vehicle and drive to the destination. Overlanders, off-roaders, vanlifers, and campers alike have found this lifestyle to be the answer for their wanderlust, and now more people are looking to follow suit.

Not everyone owns a fully capable rig or one that is outfitted to the hilt with many of the accessories and aftermarket goodies you see on the vehicles that grace

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Editor's Letter
How many times have you taken off for a trip, only to arrive at the destination and realize you forgot to pack an important item? Have you had to change your route on the fly when an originally chosen dirt road or trail wasn’t drivable? All too often
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Keeping It Sharp
Who else is guilty of packing a much-too-old kitchen knife to use as your one and only slice-and-dice food prep tool while on outdoor adventures? I am, for sure! To add insult to embarrassment, said knife lives in a cardboard-and-duct tape sheath to
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Roaming Lost
John Kingston, better known on social media as “Roaming Lost,” has spent his time traveling for the majority of his life. Born in New York and raised in New Hampshire, the professional photographer traveled around the country after a stint attending