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The perennial unsung hero of lead guitar, vibrato is the secret sauce that’ll take your soloing to the next level. Sure, tone, timing, technique and, er, timbre, amongst other things, all

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The Great Big Solo Science Experiment
You’ve seen our poll results. You’ve heard from our winning guitarist. But what can we learn from these iconic solos? Well, here at TG Laboratories we’ve donned our white coats and set about poking, prodding and analysing 20 of ’em under our musicolo
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Get The Sound
Lashings of Marshall-style distortion, together with a humbucker equipped guitar will give you the ballpark Maiden sound. Raise the gain a touch and lower the treble if your guitar has single coils. Although there’s plenty of distortion on the track,
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Ari O’neal
“The secret behind getting so many gigs as a session player?” ponders American guitarist Ari O’Neal, who – in her years of playing for Beyoncé, Jay Z, Lizzo, Alicia Keys and more – would know a thing or two about finding work as a musician. “Post, po