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What will the next world record typical whitetail look like? Will it have the awesome width of Milo Hanson’s magnificent, big-framed buck with its 27?⁄?-inch inside spread? Or the tremendous mass of the Jordan buck, with its soaring 30-inch main beams — a record that stood for nearly eight decades before being overtaken by Hanson’s Saskatchewan buck?

Those are questions that cannot be easily answered. And when will the current world champion fall — this season, or another 25 or 80 years from now? It’s anyone’s guess.

It’s almost certain the next super buck will be at least 4½ years old, but more likely 4½ to 7½ years of age, because that’s when most bucks develop their ultimate headgear. After that, the rack might decline or the buck might die of natural causes.

Five might be the best bet of all, because when a buck grows older than that, extra kickers or drop tines are more likely to develop. That will deduct from the net

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