Deer & Deer Hunting


As much as the storyteller within me aches to gin up at least measurable drama, the episode I want to relate evolved much too rapidly. On my periphery in the gray morning, there suddenly emerged a splendid buck, and within three seconds, the hillside echoed with a shattering blast. I sometimes wish I would have turned my eyes away after the shot rather than following the buck’s frantic flight as it hurtled tumultuously down the steep grade, flipped once and finally came to rest 20 yards below me. The fallen buck exhaled a final faltering sigh to mercifully restore the morning’s silence.

Stunned in the aftermath, I needed a few minutes to process everything that had happened but soon knew to deem it a moment meant to last forever.

Enter Tim Millard of Fins’N Feathers Taxidermy. Tim and his wife, Toni, had previously performed some work for me, and we have since enjoyed a burgeoning friendship I expect will last the ages. That night, I drove to Fins’N Feathers, and Tim got busy caping my prize. When he finished, we moved inside his shop to do the

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