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“We showed the world that we can come together to solve a crisis.”

You would be forgiven for thinking that as an environmentalist and founder of a plastic-pollution-fighting organisation, I might have finished 2020 crying into my pillow. Single-use plastic surged as a result of PPE being used to prevent the spread of COVID-19, reusable cups and bottles were off the menu in most cafés and restaurants, and governments around the world were overturning plastic bans. (Happily, not ours! More on that in a moment.)

But, thankfully, I haven’tand programmes – both absolutely heart-breaking and both absolutely essential viewing. But overall, I’m starting 2021 with a smile on my face, and here’s why…

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Cupecuara Erwini
WHAT IS IT? This dapper specimen is a member of a small family of tropical beetles closely related to the more familiar longhorns, as betrayed by its enormous antennae, which are considerably longer than the rest of its body. WHERE IS IT? It was col
BBC Wildlife Magazine1 min letti
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While bioluminescent organisms produce and emit light, biofluorescent organisms absorb and emit it. They can fluoresce like this due to proteins in their skin or other tissues that absorb energy from sunlight, and re-emit it as a different colour. Fr