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fro-futurism has a long history within jazz music. Simply expressed, it parallels written sci-fi texts: stories, a limited edition LP comprising of her two radio operas, and , goes backwards to works that imagine the horrors of the Middle Passage on the one hand, and, also, closer to our time, President Obama’s support of marriage equality in 2015.

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New Internationalist2 min lettiGender Studies
Argentina Message Of Hope
In a significant triumph for women’s rights, Argentina has legalized elective abortion – and in so doing may have paved the way for improved reproductive rights throughout Latin America. On 30 December 2020, Argentina’s Senate passed the Voluntary Te
New Internationalist3 min lettiGender Studies
Agony Uncle
Q: A number of campaign and community groups I am part of are struggling with questions around access to women’s spaces for trans women, and whether or not to agree with the line that ‘trans women are women’. I am biologically male and identify as a
New Internationalist3 min letti
Jeff Bezos
JOB: Amazon Founder and World’s Richest Person REPUTATION: A grinning bully The popular caricature of the 19thcentury robber baron financier in the pulp press of the day was a well-dressed fat guy with a leering avaricious expression. Not so Jeff Bez