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Human rights are not a privilege conferredAlbanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary

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Don’t Underestimate Your Benefits As An Employee
AS TODAY is Workers’ Day, let’s look at what you may be receiving from your company in the way of employee benefits, which may be more substantial than you realise, and must be taken into account for financial planning purposes. Your employer may be
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Try Spicy Pickled Garlic
If you want a healthy breakfast that will wake you up in the morning, or a snack that will snap you right out of that mid-afternoon downturn, try spicy pickled garlic. Go to: ■
Pretoria News Weekend4 min lettiFinance & Money Management
Men Lie, Women Lie, But The Numbers Don’t
IN 2016, following the success and ease in purchasing my first property, I reckoned I could apply the same process with my second. What wasn’t apparent to me was that buying cash versus buying with a bank loan would be very different. When you purcha