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Tales From The Workshop
► One of my regular customers recently traded in his aging Merc for a 2012 Lexus IS250C. Pleased with his new wheels he came along to see what I thought of his purchase. It’s a Lexus and so I was pretty confident that he was going to have a few miles
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How Long’s A Piece Of String?
► If you’ve used a booster, you may well have experienced a resounding failure — where the booster has not managed to start an engine, even when said engine is well within the booster’s rated range. Equally, rather a modest cheap booster can work won
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Jump Starters
As I write this, things are looking-up. Covid cases are dropping, vaccine take-up is rocketing, and there’s a feeling that things — finally — are returning to normal. Hopefully our old beloved normal! So I’ll stop now: I won’t risk jinxing anything b