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Cheating in exams offers a quick-fix path

THE business of cheating in exams refers.

This is certainly not just about inherent dishonesty or using a preplanned strategy to

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A Child’s Emotional Scars Can Last A Lifetime
I AM outraged and saddened by the article “Nine life sentences for rapist stepfather” (the POST, March 31-April 4). Not even hell has a place for scum like this. I hope and pray he will never see the outside of prison. What kind of mind and what man
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Nepaul Says Goodbye To The SABC After 32 Years
TANSEN Sanskrit Nepaul worked for the SABC for 32 years, but the senior technical producer at the national broadcaster has opted to take early retirement. His last day at the office was last Wednesday. Nepaul, 55, of Reservoir Hills, who is also a mu
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Catches Few And Far Between But It’s Size That Matters
THE rock and surf fishing has been a bit slow but the bites that have come have been monsters. The North Coast has produced a good number of raggies around the Tugela area. The areas further north have produced some diamonds but we have not had a pro