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THERE are various types of intelligence – emotional, educational and spiritual, for example. But we also need to develop our body intelligence to be truly healthy, according to US doctor Rachel Carlton Abrams.

“Being body-wise is the ability to tap into what’s going on in your body and learn what it needs,” says Dr Carlton Abrams, author of the book BodyWise: Discovering Your Body’s Intelligence for Lifelong Health and Healing.

“Our minds are now so busy many of us live completely from the neck up and pay no attention to the rest of our body at all – until we get sick. Tune in to what your body is telling

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Five Quick Questions
1〉 Which is the only country in the world with three capital cities? 2〉 What sporting event did South Africa host in 2010? 3〉 Which continent is home to the Amazon rainforest? 4〉 In which city will you find the Acropolis? 5〉 What is the name g
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The Agony Continues
THEY thought they could close this painful chapter of their lives when the judge handed down the sentence. Eight months after pregnant Tshegofatso Pule was found hanging from a tree with a gunshot wound to her chest, Muzikayise Malephane was given 20
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Your Stars
With your ruling planet, Mars, moving into the communicative constellation Gemini this week, chances are that your ideas carry far more weight than you may have given yourself credit for. This is also a fantastic week to be involved with either commu