Travel by Water

People often ask me what I consider my most important tool. I’ve learned that the most important tool is the one you need at that moment. One item that could be useful to many people is a canoe or kayak. When a disaster hits, your life may depend on your ability to move quickly and silently. A canoe or kayak will allow you to do this. Since neither needs fuel, they’re always ready to go.

Historically, waterways were the highways, and canoes the vehicles, long before pavement crisscrossed the landscape. Both canoes and kayaks have been around for thousands of years. These watercrafts were used to haul people and supplies from one place to another, and no home was without a canoe. In the case of Indigenous peoples in the Arctic, the mode of travel was a kayak.

Our ways of using canoes and kayaks have since changed. Instead of being

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