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On This Day April 24
1184BC Using stealth and guile, the Greeks besieging Troy finally enter the city hidden inside the fabled Trojan Horse. 1066 Halley’s Comet over the skies of England prompts monk Eilmer of Malmesbury to predict the country’s destruction. Shortly af
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New Request List For Managers Of The Universe
LOOKS like I have a direct line to the universal Manager of the Seasons. No sooner had I sent out the memo that we were all tired of being hot, sweaty and frazzled, the switch was dialled down. The season appears to have changed, just like that. It’s
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Seven Keys To Investing Successfully For Retirement
YOUR early working years can be hectic, with long days spent navigating a fast-changing world, and your partner, perhaps even a young family, placing multiple demands on you. How are you supposed to plan for the long term, choose an investment portfo