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Chicken With Onions And Thyme
HANDS-ON TIME: 35 MINUTES TOTAL TIME: 1 HOUR 20 MINUTES MAKES: 2–4 SERVINGS While it’s not essential to trim excess fat and skin from the sides of the chicken thighs, it takes only a minute or two, and the chicken will look much neater—and be easier
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Kitchen Tips and Tricks
The easiest way to core fresh peppers of all kinds—jalapeños and other fresh chiles as well as bell peppers—is to simply cut off the blossom (non-stem) end, then stand them up and slice down along all four sides, neatly cutting into quarters and leav
Seasoned Magazine2 min lettiRegional & Ethnic
Curried Roast Pork Tenderloin
HANDS-ON TIME: 10 MINUTES TOTAL TIME: 30 MINUTESS MAKES: 4 SERVINGS 2 (12- to 14-ounce) pork tenderloins1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon olive or vegetable oil1 tablespoon curry powder1 teaspoon kosher salt½ teaspoon black pepper2 tablespoons chopped fre