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Blu Cheer

EACH AUTUMN, I fret that we won’t be able to find ten worthy entries for this gotta-have-‘em list, and every year am genuinely surprised at the bounty that has somehow remained heretofore unreleased. I guess there will always be anniversaries and restorations and quadrilogies and the like, and as long as the studios keep investing the time and care to craft these disc-filled boxes we enjoy so much, we’ll continue recommending the cream of the crop to help stoke seasonal merriment.


“Born” on July 27, 1940, with his first official appearance in Tex Avery’s animated short “A Wild Hare,” Bugs Bunny has grown up to be a true superstar, a king of all media who continues to entertain generation after generation of young and old alike. No one “parent” can lay claim to Bugs, but rather a long line of creatives—among them Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, Robert McKimson, Friz Freleng, and voice maestro Mel Blanc—did their part to develop and refine him into the enduring icon he remains. We

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