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The more I read Mike Mettler’s music disc reviews and Remaster Class columns, the more interested I become in re-exploring my favorite music, the more I look into remastered classic and newer albums, the more I end up buying remastered and higher-res versions of these albums, the more I listen to and enjoy the newly remastered albums… you get the idea. Getting this information and perspective is much more useful and pertinent to me than what I read in other music publications. Keep up the great work, Mike!

Steve B. / Minneapolis, MN

I haven’t had a CD copy of Jethro Tull’s since I got rid of the original release. It sounded so crappy! Wanting to hear it in my car with the best possible sound, I referred to Mike Mettler’s Remaster Class column (December/January 2020). The clear choice was the Steven Wilson , but the cheapest copy I could find was on Discogs for about $90. That was too rich for my blood right now, but I found a 2019 Chrysalis release on Amazon for $17. I was hoping it would be the Steven Wilson version without all the extras

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