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You know that feeling you get when you nail a super-witty or biting comeback? Yeah, well, cherish it, because there may come a time when you no longer experience it – when you're unable to whip a sassy line from the recesses of your brain to make your audience laugh or clench their jaws with rage. This is the tragedy I’m living. An infuriating

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frankie Magazine3 min lettiFashion
I Love My Shop
Where is it? California Lane, Fortitude Valley, Queensland. Describe your shop in a sentence. A friendly little space full of colour, patterns and a whole lot of sass! What goes on there? Lots and lots of making! There’s always plenty of fun noise: t
frankie Magazine14 min letti
Frank Bits
As any paleskin can attest, the sun is an enemy. A big, hot, fiery enemy that sometimes wears sunglasses in pictures drawn by kids. Wearing a hat is the best way to flip the bird at the solar bully (aside from actually, you know, flipping the bird),
frankie Magazine3 min letti
Moving On Up
Among all the trucks driving the streets of Melbourne, you might spot one that looks a little different. It’s bright pink, with the words ‘Queer Move’ hand-painted on the side, and it’s here to change your expectations of removal services. The truck