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Keeping Cookie Dough Round

Leslie Saltsman of Potomac, Md., uses cardboard paper towel rolls to store her cookie dough in the refrigerator. Once she’s formed the dough into a log, she rolls it in plastic wrap and slides the dough inside the cardboard (slit lengthwise) to protect it in the fridge and keep it perfectly round.

Slow-Flow Oil

A drizzle of deeply flavorful truffle oil or toasted sesame oil can add character and complexity to a dish, but if too much accidentally gushes from the

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Southern Spain’s Best-Kept Secret
Seville’s favorite vegetable-based dish is visually unassuming: a mound of butter-soft chickpeas interspersed with plenty of well-cooked spinach and perhaps a few crispy bits of fried bread sticking out of it like sails. But its enticing aroma will s
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Greek Cheeses
Cheese making in Greece is an ancient art—one that dates back to Homer’s time, when the poet wrote in The Odyssey about Polyphemus, the cyclops shepherd whose “cheese-racks were loaded with cheeses” and whose “vessels, bowls, and milk pails… were swi
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Ingredient Notes
Pimentón, or Spanish paprika, is essential to the country’s cuisine. It contributes brick-red color and fruity chile flavor (and sometimes smokiness) to dishes from paella and migas to patatas bravas and espinacas con garbanzos (page 19). It is avail