In praise of winter

You know how it is when couples first get together. You ask all kinds of questions. What’s your favorite book, movie, color, season?

“Winter,” I told my future wife, and not to be contrary. I do love winter, and I’m not even a skier.

Winter is pure, the air intoxicating. And the light is delicious. The low sun hugging the horizon strops an edge to all it touches. And the birds? Fabulous. Only in winter do I

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Birds that made headlines in October and November included a Barred Owl in New York’s Central Park, a Black-throated Blue Warbler at a preserve in metro Phoenix, and a Common Cuckoo at a state park in Rhode Island. The cuckoo and warbler were found w
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Eye On Conservation
Teya Penniman’s career in bird conservation and research began with an internship tracking the habits and haunts of White-crowned Sparrows, Wrentits, and Spotted Towhees in California’s coastal scrub. It was supposed to be a short hiatus from college
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Birds of Big John’s Pond
A sampling of the species the author has spotted at the pond: - Ring-necked Duck- Green-winged Teal- Blue-winged Teal- Hooded Merganser- Black-crowned Night-Heron- Yellow-crowned Night-Heron- Green Heron- Great Egret- Snowy Egret- Little Blue Heron-