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Handloading For The Hunting Field

A NUMBER of handloaders harbour the unrealistic notion that their Remchester sporter should shoot 1/2-inch groups. True, accuracy is something we can’t get too much of, but there is a limit to the accuracy we can gain from a light sporter, and more realistically, how much accuracy we can use in the field. One limitation is the steadiness or unsteadiness of some hastily assumed rest over a log or alongside a tree, combined with the distance to the game. The type and calibre of firearm used is yet another limitation.

And the quality of the riflescope you are using imposes yet another limitation. Truly, for the hunter/rifleman, life wasn’t meant to be easy. We may all cherish the dream of shooting 1/2-inch groups at 200 yards, but we are not likely to do it with an over-the-counter hunting rifle we use in the field under varying field shooting conditions.

The quality of the ammunition we fire is obviously a major contributor to accuracy and many handloaders take great pains when reloading to produce the best ammunition possible, regardless of its intended purpose. Some go to unecessary lengths and apply benchrest techniques

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BROUGHT TO YOU BY TSA Australian distributors for Weatherby Firearms and Fiocchi Ammunition *AVAILABLE CHAMBERINGS TO WINNERS INCLUDE 223REM, 22-250REM, 243WIN, 270WIN, 308WIN, 30-06SPRG, 300WIN. MAG. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. With the basis of a cold