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TOOLS Of The Trade
Brushes aren’t only reserved for make-up artists. If you’re planning on trying new makeup trends and looks, you need to invest in the right tools for complexion perfection. Your secret to immaculate make-up application starts with the tools of the tr
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Shopping Guide
Our Hydro 5 Razor is designed like no other razor to protect your skin from irritation and provides you a close, smooth shave. The unique Hydrating Gel Reservoir hydrates and delivers 40% less friction than lube strips*. Price: from: R129.95 Schick®
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WHEN MOTHERHOOD Becomes Too Demanding
They say motherhood is a thankless job, but one that mothers excel at and don’t need a bonus for to enhance performance. Although an instinctive and beautiful experience, parenting is constantly filled with many challenges. In most cases, mothers fee