Roofing: Spanish Del Carmen slate from Roof Service Co

External walls: Adbri Masonry Architectural Brick in ‘Ivory’; silvertop ash V-jointed timber lining

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Houses2 min lettiArchitecture
Casa Malaparte: Furniture
Perched high on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea on the Italian island of Capri, Casa Malaparte has been an inspirational structure for artists and designers for decades. In his book on the house, author Michael McDonough describes it as “simpl
Houses1 min letti
Roofing: Lysaght Trimdek cladding in Colorbond ‘Monument’ External walls: Cemintel Barestone sheet cladding; Lysaght Trimdek cladding in Colorbond ‘Monument’; hardwood timber batten screen Internal walls: Dulux ‘Lexicon Quarter’ and ‘Black’ paint fin
Houses3 min lettiEconomics
Rae Rae House By Austin Maynard Architects
For most of my adult life I’ve avoided accruing things. Over the years, I’ve stifled the urge to collect books, furniture, clothing and cutlery, positing that there is a finite number of things that a person “needs.” There’s a certain piousness to th