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DEPENDING on where you live in Australia you may be more familiar with rockmelons or canteloupe, but regardless of the words, they both belong to the cucurbit (melon) family, of which there are several varieties to grow. Rockmelons grow in the warmer parts of Australia or in the warmer months in the southern regions. They tend to need large areas to be able to sprawl about the ground as they wish,

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The Broody Hen
A hen that is broody (clucky) will display a variety of behaviours. This includes: not leaving the nest, bad temperedness, not roosting at night, sitting staying in the nesting box, pecking you and even flying at you when you try to remove eggs, and
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MESSAGE that could not have come from the editor of any other magazine: “I’m sorry for my slow email — Judith and I went on a ten day camping trip to some remote waterholes in the far north Kimberley. But we shredded two tyres in two hours, so we sp
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Make Don’t Take
THE PAULOWNIA was one of the first trees I admired when I moved onto the property, for its alluring perfume and splendid displays of mauve bell flowers that were simply mesmerising. The last lightweight branches fell in autumn and new ideas of creati