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Alaska At Last
We had finally made it to Anchor Point, Alaska. Fat raindrops hammered on the roof of our rented SUV, the mist clouded our view of the volcanic peaks opposite and the faded sign read, “North America’s Most Westerly Highway Point.” Our well-thumbed co
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New Year’s Resolutions For Travelers
I remember my last New Year’s Eve with crystal clarity. I was at a friend’s house. Everyone was outside drinking on the porch, huddled together in one unit. It was freezing cold, but none of us seemed to mind. We were all warmed up by the alcohol and
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Gear Up!
There’s nothing better than waking up to sound of nature—but even with all of that beauty on the other side of the tent, some of us just aren’t morning people. If it takes a little more than the thought of the day’s adventure to drag you out of bed,