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Classic Charm
WHO LIVES HERE? Nerida, an architect; her husband James, a project management consultant; their sons, Hugo, 16, and Ethan, 14; plus Maggie, the Tibetan terrier. WHAT LESSONS DID YOU LEARN? Nerida: “We are glad we didn’t rush into things. We originall
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Modern Rustic
WHO LIVES HERE? Tiina, an educator and project manager at a museum, her husband Riku, who works in customer service, their son Leo, 11; plus their American Staffordshire terrier Kara. WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE FEATURE? Tiina: “The materials. It wouldn’t
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Inspiration: inner Beauty
No matter where you look, beauty is everywhere. It manifests itself in the simplest things: A smile. A neatly made bed. Dahlias popping like fireworks in the late summer. Ivory embroidered curtains dancing unfettered in the breeze. I learned that imp