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Weird organic chemical found on Titan

aturn’s moon Titan just keeps getting weirder - and more tantalising when it comes to scientists’ hopes for life beyond Earth. Titan is perhaps the most

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Juno At Work
The MWR comprises six antennae mounted on two of the sides of the body of the probe, and is used by Juno’s operators to measure Jupiter’s atmospheric circulation and emissions. One of Juno’s most versatile instruments, JIRAM has been designed to acqu
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Naked Eye & Binocular Targets
Shining at magnitude +0.6, this red supergiant, marking Orion’s shoulder, is the ninth-brightest star in the sky. 530 light years from Earth, it is 600 times the width of our Sun and would extend halfway to Jupiter if put in our Sun’s place. It will
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Meteor Showers
The first shower of the year is better for the Northern Hemisphere given the latitude of their origin, and if you hit lucky with the weather it can produce some good fireball meteors. The Aquarids originate from Halley’s Comet and are expected to pro