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Jess Lloyd-Mostyn

‘This is as good a time as any to address the elephant in the room, or perhaps more of a kraken’

A good sailor quickly learns to accept a certain amount of flexibility in his plans. We are forever at the mercy of the weather, storm seasons, cruising rules and regulations and once you begin cruising you discover that your own agendas will always come second to these larger forces.

However, not even the wisest of old salts could have

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Team New Zealand: A Brief History
After three unsuccessful entries in 1987, 1988 and 1992, Sir Peter Blake changed the team’s name to Team New Zealand and introduced the silver fern logo. The boats were black and Blake’s lucky socks were red. Skipper Russell Coutts, in Black Magic, l
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JESS LLOYD MOSTYN is a writer and blue water cruiser who is currently moored in Singapore TOM CUNLIFFE is an author, journalist and TV presenter, and one of Britain's best-known cruising sailors MARK RUSHALL is one of the most respected coaches i
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Andy Rice
Isn’t it strange how those life-changing moments occupy a disproportionate space in our memory. It could be just a few seconds, but it was a few seconds that changed your view of the world, or yourself, a widening of your eyes to take in new possibil