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Punch lines

IF THERE’S ONE DRINK I’d like to see at the buffet this year, it’s punch. Happily, along with such 70s and 80s creations such as chocolate mousse, fondue and flan, it appears to be making a comeback.

After a long year

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SWEET LIKE Chocolate
Makes 12EASYGREAT VALUEPreparation: 20 minutesBaking: 20 minutes dark chocolate 115 g, choppedbutter 115 g, choppedMuscovado sugar 220 gcaster sugar 100 gvanilla extract 2 tlarge free-range eggs 2flour 100 gcornflour 80 gcocoa 25 gbaking powder ¼ t
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“IN SOWETO DURING THE DARK TIMES, when money was low, cabbage was always there. Our grandmothers would boil it for hours until it was soft. On special occasions they might add carrots and some potatoes – similar to bubble and squeak – to give it a bi
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Grand Lamb
Polite society once decreed that one should not discuss politics, sex or religion at the dining-room table. But, quite honestly, I think that an evening has not quite gone according to plan unless politics, sex and religion have been fervently debate